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Air Conditioning Maintenance by Grenville Electrical & Mechanical in Leeds and Grenville

Why is it important to carry out maintenance of air conditioners?

The life of air conditioner will be significantly shorter without maintenance. Dust and a variety of bacteria gets absorbed into the air conditioner through split system, and accumulates on heat exchangers with a thick layer, clogging drainage system and air filters. When the filter is clogged, air conditioner not only becomes unable to perform its functionality, but also releases germs and dirt particles into the room, increasing the risk to human health.

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The importance of preseason prevention

When your air conditioner is not in use in the wintertime, it is recommended to take preventive measures before the hot season begins, yearly. The changes of temperature throughout the year may cause a system failure when you start using it again, as well as it can begin consuming more energy and increase your bill. Also, the formation of fungi may take place on the outside part of the conditioner, and it is going to spoil the air in your room when the AC starts working. What we offer is a trouble-free operation, which measures include the following:

-Verify the pressure of refrigerant in the refrigerant circuit 

-Cleaning the blower motor and the outdoor section
-Check refrigerant for any leakage
-Check electrical connections
-Check the evaporator coil
-Inspecting the thermostat
-Checking the system charge

-Visual inspection of all common leak sites

If you feel you have an electrical emergency call an electrical company immediatel. We offer 24 Hours service to the Kemptville and surroundings.